Annual Awards

Come along on December 5th to help us celebrate the year that was 2020!

The day kicks off at 12.30 with the AUJC Kids going through their paces including an end-of-Year performance & Grading (some of the children are eligible to grade to yellow/Black tip). The juniors will then have their awards ceremony and refreshments for parents and kids.

At 2.00 pm it’s the Seniors turn on the mat starting with a Batsugun/Club Challenge. For those who are unaware, a Batsugun is a process for gaining your next belt by beating 5 others in randori. It promises to be an interesting challenge!

At 3.00 pm we move on to the Seniors Awards and refreshments! The club will provide a barbeque and feel free to bring your own drinks as well.

Details are in the flyer below.