Covid 19 – Return to Training; Step 2

AUJC has permission to return to training on the mat at the Thebarton dojo. Classes start back Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8th June 2020!

SA Government Covid 19 restrictions at this stage are that a maximum of 20 people are permitted in the facility, with a maximum of 10 members (excluding coaches) participating in a session at a time. Only non-contact training is permitted at this time and social distancing rules are to be maintained. Registration prior to the session is essential to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Weekly Sessions

Continuing Junior (6 – 10 years) session is at 5.30 pm Monday for 45 minutes.

Senior sessions commence at 6.30 pm, Monday and Wednesday are focused on strength and conditioning, uchikomi and advanced ukemi – so come and improve your flying skills! Friday is all about technical details of nage-no-kata and related katas.

Saturday fitness training continues outdoors 11 am at Kings Reserve, Thebarton, until full contact training is allowed indoors under the regulations.

Members are encouraged to be at the dojo about 10 minutes prior to the session.

Details about Covid Safe protocols for training are available here…AUJC Covid 19 Communication to members