Farewell to the Brazilian

What a year it has been for Pedro “Mr. Brazil” Barros.

Before arriving, he admittedly googled Adelaide a few weeks before and wondered what he was going to do here. Coming from his home in Brasilia to the quaint city of Adelaide, Pedro has over the past year done and achieved many things, particularly in the sport of Judo. He diligently trained throughout the year and eventually got graded to brown belt from blue while also competing in a number of competitions.

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His results from those competitions included:

-placing in State Titles in May

-Bronze in individual and team events at the Australian University Games (competing for Judo SA)

– 3rd in SAIO

DSCF4036-2 DSCF4087-2 DSCF6007-2 DSCF6010-2

Pedro’s efforts were recognised when he received a Club Letter at the Annual Blues Awards night and the Show Pony of the Year Award (Lenny Award) at the club’s Christmas party.

Outside of competition, he has been an uke in a black belt grading and travelled to the Kodakan in Japan. Overall he has been a stand-out player this year while his friendly character garnered him many friends.

Last night at the pub, he said he will miss Adelaide. I think people in Adelaide will miss him more.

Here are the photos from his final session.

DSCF6562-2 DSCF6563-2 DSCF6569-2 DSCF6570-2 DSCF6574-2 DSCF6577-2 DSCF6578-2 DSCF6582-2  DSCF6587-2 DSCF6588-2 DSCF6589-2 DSCF6591-2 DSCF6600-2 DSCF6601-2 DSCF6602-2 DSCF6604-2 DSCF6610-2 DSCF6612-2 DSCF6585-2