Judo News 14th July 2014

Australian Uni Games… September 28th –October 3rd in Sydney ….

Calling all Uni students! Time is running out to go to this one… Make sure you register soon and go and talk to the girls in the Sports Assoc to secure accommodation…


Get more details on theblacks web site.



Next round is in Early August for Judo SA Regos…

We have already registered all those who have paid full fees before July. If you need to be registered now is the time to get back to judo and see how you can complete the paperwork. Next run of registrations will be in Early August. Then we can enter you in Judo SA events and you will get your diplomas too! Check your account to see if you have completed the paperwork.

Even if you are not training at present it is important to keep registered so that you complete the requirements for your next Grade…


Kodokan Summer Kata Course 17th -27th July…

It will be Itsutsu no kata this time… and brushing up on Katame no kata too…

There will be an update from the Kodokan itself.

We will also be focusing on the Samurai Kata called koshiki no kata. This kata is where Kano preserves the link between Kodokan Judo and the Ki To ryu jujitsu school… It is really the Ki To ryu No Kata as preserved by the Kodokan!



There are several players preparing for black belt now, so remember you will need to do the katame no kata too! Here is a useful guide!



Judo SA AGM, August 15th Get on board and help judo grow!

Yes, the Judo SA AGM is coming up and we need members to consider being on the board.  More details later…

OJU Kata Course Time is running out to apply…

Yes, you will need to get organised pretty soon to get to this one… Meera is looking for players to step up and get involved.

Important Dates

25 July: Deadline for early registration and fee payment (10% discount)

13 August: Deadline for Kata Course and OJU Championships entries and fee payments

20-23 August: Kodokan Kata Seminar

23 August: OJU Kodokan Kata Reception

24 August: OJU Kata Championships

Details are attached…


 Club Challenge, August 30th Get to Training NOW.

Here is an opportunity to get to know the rules and have some fun at the same time. You will be able to try out your moves, learn a bit about the international rules and have some fun with your mates. Get involved now and learn how to play the game. More details later… Might even be a team event too!


Start Work Now on the Next SET of Moves…

Yes time to get back to judo to learn the next set of moves for your next belt… Semester 2 will soon be upon us and you will need to get a handle on the new moves by October 18th. Put the date in your diary and work through all the moves as soon as you can. You will need to do the nage no kata from blue to Black and here is the complete nage no kata so you can start now….



Team Event 14th or 15th September

Bart is getting al least 2 teams together here, so come and be part of it! We can have a practice run at the Club Challenge! So get back to training and find out what it is all about!


SAIO 11th October, put your name on the Board NOW…

Yes calling all players Put your name on the board now, at Thebarton so that we know you are interested? Start working on your combinations NOW! You might be doing one of these!



18th October is your next opportunity to GRADE!

Time to get back to the mat and start preparing for your next set of moves. Here is Ronda showing her Seonage combos. Make sure you get your combos ready now!



Alumni Members:  You can Move Your Grade forward!

Great to see people coming back to judo and really enjoying themselves! Yes you can come back at any time and take up where you left off! We have the mat set up to look after you… The three phase training is making it all happen. Come back and move through your next set of cool moves…  Like Turtle Turn over’s…



Ronda has the moves…

Go Get YOUR Gi…

Go TO Adelaide Martial Arts Shop, 212 Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000 Ph: 

8231 9311 alex@martialartsshop.com.au       http://www.martialartsshop.com.au