Judo News 26th October 2015

Great Grading Guys! Four More Browns and More!
Well Done to Everyone on Saturday, and Thanks to Toby and Joe for assisting with the gradings.
Lachy, Ammar, Daniel and Ben got their Brown Belts, Ross got his Blue, Jiyeon and Callum their greens and lots of Yellows and Oranges too!!! 
More details later…


Reminder to Finish the Paperwork to Keep your Grades Current!

To everyone in Judo you must keep your grading current by joining the Judo Federation of Australia, To get a diploma and have a legitimate grade make sure you have  fully paid up account! Go to this web site and update today.

Continuing members can pay in cash at training if they wish…


Coaches Seminar, and  our coaches were There and Presenting!

Yes Gary,  Richard Meera and Ban took part in the coaches seminar last Saturday and Richard and Gary showed off all their stuff they learned at the Kodokan!  Well done to everyone who attended this event! Sounds like there were lots of good ideas covered and it was great that everyone supported the JFA(SA) by attending and giving so much input.

This is another service of the JFA(SA) to organise these seminars.

National Coaching Seminar Next!

Meera and Michael are going to the National JFA coaching seminar on 14th November in Wollongong, where we will meet the best of Australian coaches and learn how they do it! I am sure we will pick up heaps of things from Australia’s greats! We will bring it all back to you guys too! 

The Details are on the JFA Web Site: Have a look!  http://www.ausjudo.com.au/

We are getting stronger through all these key events… for Coaching, refereeing, and competing!

Black Belt Gradings TOO on 21st November…

Matthew and Richard are now ready for their black belt and it is only a few weeks away now… They are making the final preparations in the Next few weeks and practicing their kata every session! This grading is done by the JFA (SA) Grades Committee and the venue is Adelaide University after normal training…. Everyone is welcome to come along

Annual Presentation and Grade Catchup Event!

Yes, the club has lots of Awards each year including best rookies, best contest player, and we also complete any gradings too on this Saturday. We also have special awards too! And special gradings for anyone who has excelled this year.

More details later… Are you ready to party!?