Judo News 2nd November 2015

Your Diploma ready SOON! Just Complete the Paper WORK! 
Well done to everyone who completed their paper work! The diplomas will be ready for everyone who has completed the paperwork. So make sure you have dotted the following details.

1. You are registered and Financial with the Sport Association.
2. You are registered and Financial with the Judo Federation of Australia.
(Join or renew today if you have not yet done it)
3. You have paid the Grade Fee $20 for Yellow/Orange, $30 for Green, Blue,Brown.
4.  Filled out the Expression of Interest to Grade (get them from me at training)
5. Successfully completed the assessment.

Then your world judo diploma will be issued! Do it today!!! Then your diplomas will be there next week!

And the orange belts have arrived too! so come along and pick up your new belt today!

Black Belts Too!

We have at least four people preparing for their grade on November 21st. Richard, Chris Erin and Matthew. Wow that is heaps! We have just about completed the preparation and everyone is ready to go! Only a few weeks now! Many thanks to the brown belts who are partnering them. Thanks to Daniel and Casey, and Ben. Tour are real club champions! The grades are sho dans so they will be performing the Nage no Kata…


Catch up Grades will be in December…

For anyone who was unable to attend this grading, the catch up gradings will continue. so come along and keep working on your stuff today and we will fix up your grade. The most likely date is 12th December… Make sure you cover all your moves by then, or before even!

Princeton Judo has some great little clips for you to look at. Here is how they do uchimata…


Awards Event for AUSA. We have Half Blues and Letters!

Yes we have done well again with Eddie, Meera, Chad and more getting awards! And we are also in the running of Club of the year again. This event will be on 26th November. We will have a table so come and join us! More details later… Or look up the blacks web site…


Training continues up to Christmas!!!

All session are really humming at present so come along and get rid of some of that Exam STREEEESSS!
We have extended the class to include more ground work too! Bart and Ben are working on that bit and it is going well… Sankaku anyone?


Senior Dan Grades Soon…

Senior Dans will have to also do the katame no kata and Kime no Kata too. That is judo Self Defense!
More details later:




Club Awards, 12th December?

Yes, we are starting to plan for Annual Christmas Function. There will be a host of awards so make sure you come and party! More details later!