Judo News 7th July 2014

Australian Uni Games… September 28th –October 3rd in Sydney ….

Ricky is keen to go and you need to register at the Sports Association very soon now. All AU students are welcome! Go to the web site below and register… This is the major event on the University calendar so just have a look and join our Uni Team to take part in the Sydney Games. Click below to find out more!



New and renewing Players, Judo SA Regos going In today!

Yes, the first ruin of registrations are going in today, so make sure you come to judo and and complete any unfinished paperwork! Come to judo to completed payment of Semester 2 fees or do it on line through the blacks web site.




Click on the judo club and then select semester 2 payments. Then pick up a card from training so you can complete the details… You can also pay at training if it is easier…


Diplomas Ready for July 9!

Everyone who has completed the paperwork is eligible for a judo diploma for each grade. Just check at training if you have completed all the paperwork… and then pick up your diploma!


Calling all Players… Talk through your next steps!!!

Yes Meera has organized to get feedback from White/Yellow/Orange grades. Bart would like to talk to the Green/Blue. And we have organized a super Brown too… We want you to talk to us about your judo progress… Get back to training and chat about your directions in judo and the outcomes you want.


Kodokan Summer Kata Course 17th -27th July…

We are focusing on Itsutsu this year and hope to bring another treasure trove of judo technical knowledge once more…


Have a look at Itsutsu no Kata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQlx8rSxQAY


There are several players preparing for black belt now, so remember you will need to do the katame no kata tooo! Here is a useful guide!



Judo SA AGM, August 15th Get on board and help judo grow!

Yes, the Judo SA AGM is coming up and we need members to consider being on the board.  More details later…


 Club Challenge, August 30th Get to Training NOW.

Start preparing for the this one… New members will be able to learn the rules and practice both their standing and groundwork moves, everyone else come and have some fun!


Uchimata too could be for you…

And here are a few for you to work out!!!



Which one would work for you?


OJU Kata course and Nage no kata on Saturday 23rd August

You can learn kata from the best! The course goes from the 19th -24th August and many key katas are covered. Contact Meera for more information…



Team Event 14th or 15th September

Bart is getting al least 2 teams together here, so come and be part of it!



SAIO 11th October, put your name on the Board NOW…

Yes calling all players Put your name on the board now, at Thebarton so that we know you are interested? Start working on your combinations NOW! You might be doing one of these!



18th October is your next opportunity to GRADE!

Time to get back to the mat and start preparing for your next set of moves. You can check out all the moves at this site where all the techniques are demonstrated by Neil Adams!



Alumni Members:  You can Move Your Grade forward!

Calling all past players! Yes come to Thebarton and pick up you next set of moves and continue where you left off! We have quite a few players training now and you can be part of that too!


Go Get YOUR Gi…

Go TO Adelaide Martial Arts Shop, 212 Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000 Ph: 

8231 9311 alex@martialartsshop.com.au       http://www.martialartsshop.com.au