What is Judo?

Judo, or the way of Gentleness is an ideal form of physical exercise and a reliable system of self-defense and was specially created from traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

The creator of Judo was Jigoro Kano as a child he was bullied because of his small stature.  Kano turned to the martial Arts of to be able to defend himself.

He studied over 17 different forms of jujitsu and from these different schools he formed his own system of modern jujitsu based mainly on the Kito Ryu and the Tenjin Shinyo schools of jujitsu.

Kano named this modern Jujitsu “ Kodokan Judo”

He systematized the throwing and grappling techniques of these schools and used them to form and excellent system of physical education and a dynamic sport.

The sporting side of judo is played at club level through Club Challenges through to State, National, International Levels.  Judo also has World Championships in both Sport and Kata (Self-Defense, Sport and Physical Education Forms) and takes part in the Olympics as and Olympic sport.

In addition to this Kano also developed the self-defense component of judo by creating special self-defense forms, or Katas, and even created special forms that illustrated the underlying principles of the martial arts and in particular the key principles underlying his modern jujitsu, namely Mutual Benefit and Maximum Efficiency.

Kodokan Judo is a sport, a martial art and a system of self defense!

What to Expect at Our Training?

AUJC offers classes for beginners to advanced players. At the beginning of every session students are required to line up according to their belt grades and bow-in. This is then followed by 30-45mins of warm up and conditioning to ensure all members are properly warmed up to prevent injuries. Subsequently, students then work on techniques and can participate in tachiwaza randori (stand-up sparring) or newaza randori (ground-work sparring). The class closes after having a quick cool down, and bow-off.

What to Bring?

When you are just starting out, you are welcome to borrow one of our Judogis (Judo suits) but there are a few things you should bring:

  • Track Pants or Shorts
  • T-Shirt to train in
  • Water Bottle

Please also ensure you finger and toe nails are trimmed!


Our complete code of conduct can be downloaded here: AUJC Code of Conduct

Here are some of the main rules of etiquette:

  • Show respect to each other. Bowing is a sign of respect in Judo
  • Follow the rules for safety and hygiene including:
    • Never leaving early or entering the mat late without letting the head instructor know
    • Reporting all injuries to the coaches
    • All Newaza (and other) techniques must be stopped immediately at first indication of submission, pain or unconsciousness
    • Keeping your Gi clean
  • No jewelery or any other wearables on the mat
  • Behave with respect when visiting other clubs and outside the dojo