Dynamic Balance for Life!

Have you had a FALL or a NEAR* MISS?  If so this program is just what you would benefit from!

Dynamic Balance for Life is a 10 week Introductory Course that uses a judo-based approach to develop safe landing techniques to minimise harm from a fall.

An research ethics-approved Pilot Study in late 2021 conducted by Researchers at Adelaide Univerity in collaboration with the AU Judo Club demonstrated that the program is safe and feasible for older adults (65+ years old). The results of the study were presented at a conference in Brisbane by Dr Agathe Jadczak and can be viewed here.  

Participants in our Pilot Study and Introductory course run in 2021 continued to train an extended version of Dynamic Balance for Life and this video is an illustration of their more advanced skills.

research has found that the more near misses you have, the closer you are to having a serious fall with injuries, so its a mistake thinking ‘I got away with that’ and time to act on the warning…

Next Program! – February 16th 2023!

Our next program commences on 16th February 2023. Register here now! Places are limited.

If you cant make it to our February program but are still interested in participating, please express your interest, as we are planning additional courses soon.  Please download, fill in and return the EOI form to admin@aujudo.com