And we’re back!

Hello and welcome to 2015!

Hopefully you had an enjoyable festive season.

Following a break over the new year, training officially began on Monday night at the AUJC where there was a reasonable turnout  despite the humidity that made everyone feel like that they were in a warm waterfall (Can only imagine what the Kendo people next door must have felt!). The focus  in this session was to ease everyone back into training as many members had not done much judo related activities during the break. Warm-up  incorporated a bit more breakfall practice while in uchikomi, there was an emphasis for people to take a bit more time to set themselves up. A bit of ashi-waza was thrown in followed by standing and ground randoori to end the night (and a bit of Kata for some members!). The plan is to gradually build up the intensity every session leading up to the first competitions in March.

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Cooler weather has been predicted for today’s training so it will be a good time for members to come along and begin their 2015 campaign!

~Clinton “Tarantino” Chieng