Judo News 19th October 2015

Grading in 5 Days!
Well the October Grading is this Saturday, so come along and go through your technical stuff and go to the next Level!!! Be there by 1pm so we can finish all the paper work! We will warm up than start. You will be given some time to go through your stuff if necessary. Contact me if you need more information….

Yellow and Orange $20/ Green to Brown $30

Just a reminder that there is an assessment fee for each grade. This includes… 

Yellow and Orange belt    $20
Green Blue or Brown        $30

Remember to register with the JFA so that we can organize your diplomas! The grading is not official until you have your diploma!

Dan Grading on 21st November too!

Yes we have Richard and Mat preparing for this with a few other people likely to get up for it too! We would like you to get involved and download the syllabus from the JFA web site so you can see what they will be doing! Just go to this spot and have a look!


Fifth Dans and Fourth Dans Too!

Yes, David and Meera have got the green light to go for their next grades in December. Meera will need to perform both Nage no Kata and David Kime no Kata! plus all the other stuff…  These will be big Gradings!

Where to Find the Moves for the Next Grade?

There is plenty on the Internet. This clip goes through the lot!


Interested in Grappling? Try Kosen Judo!